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commission — japanese series for ikeguchisan
In 1991 Mr Sadao Ikeguchi, a Japanese kimono and obi designer/maker, commissioned me to make nine
enamelled panels to be mounted on his fabrics which were then superimposed on lacquered stands. The
fabrics were woven with metallic threads, the colours inspired by Australian opal. I was given free rein
regarding techniques and colours to use, and later some of the fabrics were custom woven to copy the designs
and colours of the enamelled panels and made into obi sashes.
When completed the works were exhibited in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Himeji, with a fantastic opening at a silver
service dinner in Kyoto for 200 people. I was present with members of the Adelaide/Himeji Sister City
Association, and made a speech in shaky Japanese, well received by an amused Mayor of Kyoto, Ikeguchi-san,
the Australian Consul and other distinguished guests. Quite a spectacular occasion, only marred by the fact
that the courier bringing our group’s ‘glad rags’ from Tokyo was delayed, and we were seated with the most
exquisitely dressed ladies wearing stunning kimonos!
Unfortunately many of my images of these pieces are missing.