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Two solo exhibitions in Germany 2000
In 2000 I was invited to teach workshops in Germany — in Himmerod for the creativkries international, and
Lobau, in the old East Germany, where there was a revival of old crafts including enamelling. I also held a
solo show in each place and some work was acquired for the permanent collection in Himmerod.
All of these pieces use a technique of reticulating 24k gold foil under fine silver foil on the surface of the
enamel. After an extended firing, carefully timed, fascinating textures are obtained. By stoning back with a
carborundum or alundum stone these textures may be enhanced.
Transparent and opaque enamels may be sifted or wet-packed over to develop imagery. Areas of foils may
also be left bare and metallic leaf added. The titles are written with ‘Carefree Lustres’.