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A long day trip to see the Perfumed Pagoda atop a mountain, reached in a variety of modes. Firstly a
walk to the bus pick-up by 6am for a bumpy ride to the river and My Duc landing. From here ladies
using long poles transported us in flat-bottomed boats through gorges lined with ‘Chinese-landscape’
mountains, lush tropical forests, past water buffalo being ridden in the river, to the beginning of the
long trek up the mountain after a stop-off to see another temple and have lunch.
There were over 2,250 steps, rough hewn from the rock path and of varying heights, for me an
exhausting but exhilarating climb. Eventually we reached the entrance to the Perfume Pagoda, more
steps, down this time, to an enormous cave which was the actual temple. I called it the dragon’s cave;
I love to look at the dragons undulating along the rooftops of the temples.
Coming back down with legs of jelly was almost harder than going up, then reversing the travelling
procedure we finally arrived back in the city, more than ready for coffee at the Mocca café.