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After trying for a couple of years to find an old Thermofax copying machine in Australia without success, I was
delighted to be offered one by good enamelling friends in New York.
This machine offers exciting possibilities to make Riso screens (like a silk screen but quicker and easier). Line
drawings, screened photographs, images frommagazines etc can be transferred on to the screen-film and, once
mounted onto a frame, can be used to scrape dry enamel powder or wet screening enamel through onto the surface
of pre-fired enamel. The image may be manipulated, added to or have areas brushed away, and is ideal for multiples
if you wish.
These properties made it an ideal tool for these portraits of my grandchildren.
I took photographs first and made screens from photocopies. The children drew their own imagery and their
signatures, and with some textures, they were made into screens also.
The pieces were built up of layers, with some pen drawing to emphasise detail, with firings in between layers.