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Presented here are examples of workshops conducted by Jenny Gore
throughout the world. The following pages show some workshop
demonstration pieces from the ‘taking a risk’ and reticulation
Contact Jenny for further information.
reticulation workshop
Three to four days for students with
some previous enamelling experience
Precious metal foils will be reticulated
on the surface of pre-fired enamel
pieces, to create imagery with beautiful
textures, and varying colours of gold
and silver. Many different effects can
be achieved by the use of different base
colours and the layering of fluxes and
transparent colours over the top.
We will be enamelling four inch (100
x 100 mm) squares of copper with
a black background and a simple
stencilled design in opaque colour. If
time permits more experiments may be
made over transparent colours.
Torn or cut 24k gold and fine silver foils
will be applied and fired to produce
an effect of reticulation, creating
interesting textures and abstract
imagery. For more advanced work,
figurative imagery may be used. Some
areas will be covered with various
fluxes and transparent colours for
different effects.
More detail can be built up with
opaque colour, ceramic oxides and/
or ‘carefree lustres’. If time permits,
experiments can be made to discover
the different effects on the foils of
different base colours.
‘taking a risk’ workshop
Preferably a four or five day workshop,
but may be squeezed into three
RISK — allowing your intuition to do
the designing
RISK — playing with colours and
shapes, mixing enamels and techniques
to develop new imagery ... straight from
the ‘unconscious’
Using sifting with torn stencils,
sgraffito, painting and watercolour
enamels, fine gold and silver foils, wet
inlay, ceramic oxides, ‘carefree lustres’
and gold leaf to develop the story which
emerges … be surprised, maybe learn
something about yourself!